The Treatment model used at the Sanctuary


We have a completely different model of addiction and recovery than conventional medicine. Instead of concentrating upon blaming the victim, our treatments are designed to boost their self-esteem and create a strong psychological foundation that will help them to recover fully from their addiction. Our processes include:

Complete detox, including flushing the body, and using diets to cleans all of the drug toxins from the body. This helps to remove long-lasting drugs such as opiates from the system much faster than ‘cold turkey’. In addition, our therapies also focus upon the damage which has occurred in the brain, using the latest technologies to reverse drug-related problems.

Use herbal medicines and organic foods to help the body to rebuild the brain and the neurological system, damaged by drugs.

Learn the true cause of the addiction, and treat that problem, rather than solely concentrating upon the addiction itself. The Holistic Sanctuary reviews show that this is the key to successfully treating addiction.

Teach addicts how to build a completely new life for themselves, including teaching them how to cope with change in order to resist relapses, how to handle stress, and how to keep the body at the peak of health and fitness.